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     "We have loved the stars too fondly to fear the night"

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    Archangel is available from Amazon, Powell's, Resurrection House, and your friendly neighborhood brick and mortar bookstore.

    Earth is dying, and we have begun the search for a new home. Our hopes are pinned on Ubastis, an untamed paradise at the edge of colonized space. But such an influx of people threatens the planet’s unstudied ecosystem–before these settlers arrive, a tenuous research colony must complete its essential and desperate analysis, lest humanity abandon one planet only to die on another.

    The Ubasti colonists barely get by on their own. To acquire the tools and supplies they truly need, the colonists are relegated to selling whatever they can to outside investors. For xenobiologist Vashti Loren, this means bringing Offworlders on safari to hunt the specimens she and her fellow biologists so desperately need to study.


    Haunted by the violent death of her husband, the heroic and celebrated Lasse Undset, Vashti must balance the needs of Ubastis against the swelling crush of would-be settlers. As she negotiates her grief, Vashti struggles in her role as one of the few colonists licensed to carry deadly weapons, just as she struggles with her history of using them. And when she discovers a genetically engineered soldier smuggled onto the surface, Vashti must face the nightmare of her husband’s murder all over again. Vashti must protect herself, her daughter, and all of Ubastis as she is forced to draw alliances with old enemies, re-evaluate old friends, and take planet-wide action against those who threaten her world. Vashti stands at the threshold of humanity’s greatest hope, and she alone understands the darkness of guarding paradise.

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    Angels of a Desert Heaven

    Published in the online magazine Lone Star Stories, "Angels of a Desert Heaven" is a story about where we find our gods and whether we have a right to them.

     Angels of a Desert Heaven

    Over Joshua Curtis dark wings unfurled. A bar of shadow filled one end of the room, angling against unearthly currents. Joshua himself couldn’t see the wings. The journalist from Rolling Stone couldn’t see them. Only Siwa, from her corner in the Hyatt VIP room, saw the gold-daubed feathers rising from the musician’s back.

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    Bearing Witness

    My first story, published by Strange Horizons. Known as 'the pregnant astronaut story,' "Bearing Witness" takes a hard look at the dangers of pregnancy in space.

    Bearing Witness

    Yamilah Reis held her breath. Her orbital bones ached from pressing against the oculars; in microgravity she was still prone to overcompensate. The ovum beneath the microscope looked like a blueberry gummy candy, the micropipettes turquoise needles. Tongue between her teeth, she pressed the tip of the pipette into the egg's interior and implanted the sperm cell. Only then did she allow her lungs to relax.

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    Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas Marguerite Reed spent the majority of her childhood with her nose in a book or exploring backyards and pony pastures. Before she got into middle school she decided she would be a writer. After years trying to wrap her head around the craft, she sold her first short story, "Bearing Witness" to Strange Horizons. In 2015 her first novel, Archangel, was published by Arche Press, a division of Resurrection House.  Currently she is hard at work on the sequel, Legion.


    Marguerite Reed enjoys a good fight. She battled for reproductive freedom for over a decade in one of the nation’s highest-profile abortion clinics and now continues that campaign as a sometime activist and public speaker. When she isn’t writing or campaigning, she enjoys lifting weights and wearing armor. She lives just east of the 100th meridian with her husband and children.

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    One of the things I learned after my novel was released is that it's not about me. It's not even about the book. it's about you, the reader. True, this Patreon blatantly exists for the purpose of financially getting me off the ground. But also? It exists also for the opportunity to make a connection with you.

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